Selected and Mixed by Miguel Vizcaino

Another year, Ibiza fills us with energy. Its beaches, the sea, the moon, the sunset and its magic will make us feel special.

Ibiza is not just nightlife, it is a way of life connected to music, fashion and influences. This cd wants to transmit that feeling you get in Ibiza during the day, on any of its wonderful beaches.

Cool & sexy sounds attracting everyone around the world.

  1. Samantha James. Angel love
  2. Lem. Reach 4 u (Original Mix)
  3. From P60 & Nicola Gala Feat. Virag. New way (Nikola Gala's Cum remix)
  4. Da Funk. Here I Am (Original Mix)
  5. Miguel Migs. Mesmerized
  6. New Mondo. For love
  7. Miguel Migs. Get down
  8. Parks Street feat. Diana Waite. That feelin  
  9. Funk La Planet all Stars feat. Toni Smith. Summertime
  10. Orlando Vaughan. Better than never
  11. Kim English. Missing you
  12. Ethan White & Lisa Shaw. Find you
  13. Arnold D Jarvis. What goes around
  14. Samantha James. Breathe you in


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