Selected and Mixed by Miguel Vizcaino

Track after track in a balanced 'crescendo', this CD will transport you. It begins with paused Chill-Lounge rhythms and will progress harmoniously into a Deep-House. This is perfect for a great day at the beach, getting the positive energy you will need for a night full of marvellous experiences.


  1. Almadrava. Black Label.
  2. Remote. Postcard.
  3. Mystic Diversions. Sweet.
  4. Sam & Gigi. Paradise.
  5. Fred Everything. Next To Me (Original Mix).
  6. Derrick White. Soul 2 Let Go (Sir Piers & Ed Funk's Curious).
  7. Jay J. Fantasy.
  8. Generous Flavour. Waiting (Soul Magic's Fine Dub).
  9. Andy Caldwell. I Can't Wait (Original Flavor Mix).
  10. Solidarity. Find a Way (Jay-J's Moulton Vocal Mix).
  11. Discorados. Get Down (Saturday Night) (Phonicfood Remix).
  12. David Morales with Tamra Keenan. Here I am
  13. (Morales Mix Club).
  14. Nathanmas. Star Lover (Martin Ikin Remix).
  15. Shapeshifters. Back to Basics (Nocturnal Mix).


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